Who I am

Born in the country, my roots come from years of exploring the outdoors, riding dirt bikes, making movies, and having entertaining run-ins with the authorities. At the age of 8, my parents received an old Dulmont Magnum and suddenly my love for computers was born. Through my youth I focused on security (or the lack thereof) and finding clever ways to break into systems. Fast forward through being expelled, near misses with felony charges, living homeless, and being a single parent; I have learned an incredible amount about the world. I’ve now spent 9 years as a software engineer leading a team and working in well known game studios such as Monolith and Sucker Punch. Ambitious, I also worked part time as a professor and received glowing praise from students, all whilst raising my daughter by myself. Mine is a story of success.

Why I do this

All programmers eventually stumble upon some obscure blog that has a post detailing exactly the problem they are trying to solve. I’ve come across over a hundred, and each time I feel a sense of thankfulness to those who take their time to write and share. This is my chance to give back.

What I can do for you

If you’re facing a challenge and you need an expert to point you in the right direction, send me a message. With years of experience in software architecture, C / C++ / C# / JavaScript, writing compilers, game engines, web technology, and maintaining stable software; I can be your guide.

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