DOOM on Roku

It’s all fine and dandy to say you got C compiling for the Roku, but can you really in good conscience claim that C works if you haven’t got DOOM running? If you want to see the end result, click here to play DOOM on your Roku. And if you’d like to see the source, […]

WebAssembly on Roku

For the source code, visit my github: I’ve been of huge fan of the TCL + Roku series of TVs. I’m a simple person with simple pleasures, and the button on the remote that instantly turns on the TV and goes to Netflix won me over. As with most technology, it didn’t take long […]

Inviz: An inline GraphViz widget

Displaying an easily customizable graph on any site is now a breeze. Gone are the days of manually generating graph images and uploading them.

Download Files in Emscripten

Using Emscripten? Utilize this snippet to download files from memory to the user’s machine.

WebAssembly Code Coverage

On the Web size it king. It determines if a user will enjoy their experience or tolerate it. Code coverage empowers you to eliminate unused code and reduce your binary footprint.